1952 YOM Clear Ontario License Plates

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Due to a metal shortage caused by the Korean War in 1952, Ontario validated 1951 plates with a 1952 windshield sticker. The MTO will still allow 1952 classic vehicles to be registered under the YOM program by affixing a 1951 pair of plates to your car along with sending a photo of an original 1952 windshield sticker with your submission. The windshield sticker does not need to be applied to your car – it is simply for MTO approval purposes. We will send you a free photo of one if you purchase a 1951 set.

However, now you can also buy an adhesive decal to complete that authentic ’52 look! Up until now, owners would try and tape the photo to the inside of the windshield since original stickers are pretty well non-existent. Enter ’52DECAL! No more fuss or head-scratching; YOMplates now has a no-nonsense, historically accurate solution. Clean cut, proper dimensions, correct colour with an adhesive face. Click here for full details about '52DECAL.

Please see 1951 stock for your 1952 vehicle.