Ministry Processing Delays

Updated May 26, 2022


The YOM Program Office in Kingston is currently experiencing major processing delays due to being short-staffed, coupled with higher summer volumes. Please expect A MINIMUM OF 8 WEEKS to allow for processing of YOM submissions.


If you are hoping to drive your vehicle right away, it may be best to obtain a set of regular plates in the meantime in order to use it. Many customers lost last year's summer driving season waiting for their approved YOM plates to arrive due to a similar situation.


If it's been significantly long and you are still waiting for your YOM submission to be processed I can only refer you to the main call centre at 1-800-387-3445. They will route you to the appropriate staff member in Kingston who can hopefully give you a status update as to where your plates might be in the system. Unfortunately I no longer have a reliable source in that office to inquire about processing status.