Elimination of Licence Plate Stickers

The Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) is eliminating licence plate renewal fees and the requirement to have a licence plate sticker for passenger vehicles, light-duty trucks, motorcycles and mopeds, effective March 13, 2022. This change also includes Year of Manufacture (YOM) registrations.

As a result, your vintage plates no longer need a plate sticker displayed on the plates or a supplementary tab. Aside from the initial $251.65 YOM program fee (which is still a requirement) and cost of the vintage plates themselves, the annual upkeep of the plates is now free.

With this latest change, this places the YOM Program on par, or even ahead of the Historic Vehicle Program on an annual basis. Previously, YOM Program registrants had to pay the full $120 annual sticker fee because it came with no driving restrictions. Meanwhile, the Historic Vehicle program had an $18 annual sticker fee, but came with driving restrictions. Now with both programs being free on an annual basis, the YOM Program without it's restrictions certainly looks more appealing.


If you previously purchased a StickerTAB from us, these are no longer required to be used or displayed. Unfortunately, we are not offering refunds on past StickerTAB purchases. This latest announcement caught everyone off-guard, including ourselves and we are still sitting on thousands of dollars worth of unused inventory.

To read more about the changes and potential sticker fee refunds, please follow the MTO's news announcement here: https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1001639/ontario-eliminating-licence-plate-renewal-fees-and-stickers