1952 Peel ‘n Stick Replica Windshield Decals

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Have a 1952 classic car and want people to know it? YOMplates is the first to offer a modern vinyl adhesive windshield decal – ’52DECAL. Perfectly matched to the original colours and dimensions.

Colour: ’52DECAL is reproduced using a rare, unused, original 1952 windshield sticker. The colours are matched perfectly for historical accuracy.

Vehicle Type: ’52DECAL is intended for use on cars and trucks since motorcycles were issued plates in 1952.

Location: This is ultimately your preference, but if you want to be historically accurate as per the original instructions on the back of the original ’52 stickers: “This stamp must be applied in a horizontal position on the inside of the windshield and at the lower right-hand corner.

Dimensions:  Width – 5¼”; Height: 3⅛”

Material: ’52DECAL is printed on high-grade clear vinyl specifically manufactured for vehicle glass applications. It is waterproof, UV coated and removable without residue (not re-applicable however). The front contains adhesive. Although the back of the original stickers had installation instructions, ’52DECAL does not and will be blank. The back of the decal does not have adhesive.

Condition: New

Applying the Decal: Simply peel and stick the decal from it’s backing and mount the face to the windshield. The front of the decal contains adhesive allowing for an interior windshield application (the original was also applied to the interior).

MTO Inspection: Please do not include the decal when sending the plates for approval in Kingston. They are not required, nor are they part of the process. Only the free photo I send is required for approval.