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Finally a solution for a sticky situation!

Locally produced specifically for our Ontario plates.


As with any other plates licensed in the province of Ontario, the MTO requires a yearly validation sticker to be purchased and affixed to the rear plate, top right corner.  The problem - many old Year of Manufacture plates have embossed lettering in this area. In this case, you can legally attach a mini bracket (as detailed in Chapter 29, Section (1) (c) (ii) of the Highway Traffic act) to the plate near the area in question to display the sticker. Up until now, owners would have to fabricate something to solve the issue.

Enter StickerTAB! No more fuss or head-scratching; YOMplates now has a no-nonsense, stylish solution. These newer style sticker tabs are made right here in Ontario, specifically for Ontario license plates so they fit perfectly. Previous versions were imported from China and were made for California plates. Below are the full details of the new Ontario tabs:

Colour: StickerTAB is painted to match your vintage plates! They come in any standard Ontario plate colour of your choice. Sorry, paint cannot be matched to your vehicle colour - unpainted aluminum is available if you'd like to custom paint your own. 

Plate Type: You can use StickerTAB on either car, truck or motorcycle plates. Most motorcycle plates would require an additional hole to be drilled into the plate for the tab to sit properly.

Location: Attach StickerTAB to your rear plate by aligning the bolt holes. It can be affixed to any bolt hole on your rear plate. The recommended location is top right corner of the plate.

Dimensions:  Width - 2"; Height: 2 9/16"; Approximate Installed Height:  1⅜" (may vary slightly for older plates depending on distance from plate holes to plate edge)

Material: Die-cut, 18 gage Canadian aluminum.

Condition: New

Applying the Sticker: Simply apply your MTO validation sticker directly to the painted surface of the tab. For follow-on years, apply the new sticker directly over a clean and dry previous sticker. Do not remove old sticker affixed to painted surface.

MTO Inspection: Please do not include the tab when sending the plates for approval in Kingston. They are not required, nor are they part of the process.